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“I’ve only lived in Houston for 3 years and I couldn’t ever find “friends” especially once I stopped working that became super hard. But I have now gained so many friends because of Fireyoup. I feel wanted and like I belong. I also love how I have actual confidence now, I felt like I used to hide under my silliness and hyperness so I wouldn’t show how I actually was feeling but now I am truly comfortable in my skin and believe in myself. I love uplifting all these other women around us. There are so many fake people out there, but what we have in @fireyoup is REAL!” - Yamila Caceres


"A mother's love is like no other. No, I'm not a perfect mom but I try my best to be the best for my son by making sure I am my own person. I have lost myself many times, I wear many hats but being a mother will never be taken off. I now make sure I made time for myself so I can recharge and be the best mom and person I can be. It's easy to lose yourself when you are raising a child and trying to adult efficiently. Start a hobby, start your business, invest in yourself and pour love in you that way you can overflow and love people around you! Thank you Fireyoup for pushing me more and appreciating my growth" Melissa Palacios 

When I joined @fireyoup I was looking for connection and I not only got connected to a group of inspiring women but I also found support in different areas of life, personal improvement and positive changes that I continue to nourish to keep growing. The experience is priceless because the personal growth and support is huge. I also love the world of possibilities that you are exposed to with @fireyoup. Forever grateful to have joined - Susan Gomez 

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